17.9. <i>PSYSIS</i> (audio)
17.5. <i>MAGMA</i> (audio)
17.3. <i>COUNTERPOINT</i> (audio)
17.8. <i>TAYEF</i> (audio)
17.1. <i>ADAGIO SUPRA</i> (audio)
17.3. <i>COUNTERPOINT</i> (audio)
17.9. <i>PSYSIS</i> (audio)
17.4. <i>LUCIFUGE</i> (audio)
17.8. <i>TAYEF</i> (audio)
17.6. <i>NOVUS LOCUS AMOENUS</i> (audio)
17.7. <i>OM KYRIE</i> (audio)
17.5. <i>MAGMA</i> (audio)
17.11. <i>SEX LUCIFUGE</i> (audio)
17.4. <i>LUCIFUGE</i> (audio)



The Music…the number detained in all its extensión…





 Listen to the sound of silence that nests in the center of noise...

 17.1.L.jpg  ADAGIO SUPRA. 17´23´´. Electroacoustic orchestral. Instrumental. Redux from resounding material of Ludwig van Beethoven.

               17.2.L.jpg  AL ENCUENTRO DEL VIENTO RODEADO DE TODOS LOS VIENTOS. UPON THE MEETING OF THE WIND SURROUNDED BY ALL WINDS. 8´19´´. Electricacoustic Orchestral. Instruments, voices, and sounds.


17.3.L.jpg  COUNTERPOINT. 73´47´´. Sound Field Music. Instrumental.


     17.4.L.jpg  LUCIFUGO. 81´02´´. Sound Field Music. Instruments and Chor.


17.5.L.jpg  MAGMA. 25´54´´. Electroacoustic Orchestral. Instruments, voice, choir and sound.


  NOVUS LOECUS AMOENUS.27´08´´. Electroacoustic Orchestral. Choir  17.6.L.jpg


    OM KYRIE. 46´52´´. Neo-0pera. Choir  17.7.L.jpg


  TAYEF. 6´33´´. Neo-Opera. Voice and instruments  17.8.L.jpg 


                              PSISIS. 108´42´´. Sound Field Music. Instrumental  naranja.jpg


     amarillo.jpg  SOLAR. 5´31´´. Electroacoustic Orchestral. Instrumental   


             SEX LUCIFUGO. 7´14´´. Electroacoustic Orchestral. Instruments and Choir  magenta sex.jpg   






Extension minimally audible, from the unique note, individual and valuable:

the audible solitude.

And individual note can twist itself in the continued accented modulation, always-equal-always-different like perennially from itself and constantly transforms.

Few times, 1? 2?, Minimalism was so minimal and homogeneus in these harmonic homophonies to the maximun, already all spoken since the beginning and continue the variation of the same that is distinguished permanently, like a misterious substance.

And in the prolongation of itself the expansion unifies the rest and the Field rises.


Music from the Sound Field?. The minimal approach for the ample cultivation.  









A desperado intent on rescuing from the music of Mozart and from the figure of its libertine in, since, and for the twenty-first century.



Redux from the music and folk from the towns of the United States and Spain, with special reminiscential of western country and double march.